Reliable 13.5 Volt Power Supply Solutions

TRC will help you find a cost effective and reliable 13.5 volt dc power supply solution. Our methodology will allow you find a 13.5 volt power supply quickly. We will provide knowledgeable application support that will allow you to save time and money. Since 1982, thousands of engineers and buyers have been sourcing their 13.5 volt power supplies from TRC Electronics!

The Industry's Finest 13.5 Volt DC Power Supply Solutions...

One-stop 13.5 Volt DC Power Supply Shopping

TRC stocks 13.5 volts switching AC/DC power supplies that range in power from 1 Watt to 600 Watts. With a wide breadth of 13.5 volt power supply solutions, we offer one stop reliable power supply shopping. All of our product has industry leading manufacturer's warranties to reduce your 13.5 volt power supply cost of ownership (up to 5 years). Allow us help you find the best 13.5 volt AC/DC power supply for your application.

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