Cosel SNA & SNR Series

  • DC output filters for switching power supplies
  • Ripple noise attenuation for switching power supplies
  • Operating temperature range: -40~+71°C
  • Single Stage Filter
  • Most suitable filter for switch mode power supplies of analog circuits
  • Optional DIN rail installation type
  • UL60950-1 safety approval
  • Cosel 5 year warranty
  • TRC Electronics is the USA stocking headquarters of Cosel SNA & SNR series DC noise filters. Contact us for award winning service.
SNA & SNR Series
Safety Logos
Model #
DC Voltage
SNA-01-223 1A ±50vdc
SNA-03-223 3A ±50vdc
SNA-06-223 6A ±50vdc
SNR-10-223 10A pk(20a) 50vdc

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New Cosel Power Supplies
Cosel GHA500 500 Watt 3x6 Power Supply The GHA500F-SNF Series by Cosel is the highest power density 500W Power Solution! Only 3x6"!
GHA500F-12-SNF 12V@37.5A
GHA500F-15-SNF 15V@33.4A
GHA500F-24-SNF 24V@21A
GHA500F-30-SNF 30V@16.7A
GHA500F-48-SNF 48V@10.5A
GHA500F-56-SNF 56V@9A