Cosel EMI Filters

TRC Electronics is the USA Stocking Headquarters for Cosel EMI Filters. Shop for your Cosel EMI filters with ease and confidence. Contact us for award winning service. Our power supply experts will provide you the knowledgeable application assistance required to source the ideal Cosel EMI filter.

Cosel Single Phase AC EMI Noise Filters

emi filterSingle Phase AC EMI Noise Filters

High Attenuation of Common Mode Noise for low frequency range 10kHz to 1MHz. Seletable leakage current, 1 stage or 2 stage filter accepting single phase AC voltage up to 250Vac.

Cosel DC Noise Filters

emi filterDC Noise Filters

Ripple Noise Attenuation for Switching Power Supplies. 1~10A, output filters for switching power supplies.

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New Cosel Power Supplies
Cosel GHA500 500 Watt 3x6 Power Supply The GHA500F-SNF Series by Cosel is the highest power density 500W Power Solution! Only 3x6"!
GHA500F-12-SNF 12V@37.5A
GHA500F-15-SNF 15V@33.4A
GHA500F-24-SNF 24V@21A
GHA500F-30-SNF 30V@16.7A
GHA500F-48-SNF 48V@10.5A
GHA500F-56-SNF 56V@9A