Cosel AC/DC Power Supplies

When reliability is critical to your application, select a Cosel Power Supply. Cosel is the leading manufacturer of Premium Quality AC/DC Power Supply solutions. Ranging from 5 to 3,200 Watts, Cosel offers the highest quality line of AC/DC power supplies in the world. Find the Cosel AC/DC Power Supply that you are looking for with our Cosel AC/DC Power Supply Selection.

Cosel Single Output AC/DC Power Supply Selection:

Cosel AC/DC Power Supply

Cosel AC/DC Enclosed Power Supplies

Cosel's enclosed/chassis type AC/DC power supplies offer the most reliable selection of I.T.E. Power Supplies in the industry.

Cosel Open Frame Power Supply

Cosel Open Frame Power Supplies

Find your single output Cosel Open Frame Power Supply today. The finest selection of open frame AC/DC power supplies.

Cosel DIN Rail Power Supply

Cosel DIN Rail Power Supplies

New from Cosel! Cosel has begun manufacturing premium quality DIN rail mountable power supplies.

Cosel AC/DC Power Supply

Cosel Medical Power Supplies

Cosel's medical AC/DC power supplies are the most reliable selection of Medical Power Supplies built for the healthcare industry.

Cosel DC/DC Converters

Cosel On-Board Power Supplies

Mount a Cosel PCB mount power supply directly onto your PC board.

Cosel Multiple Output AC/DC Power Supply Selection:

Cosel AC/DC Power Supply

Cosel Dual Output Power Supply

Shop Cosel's selection of dual output power supplies. An AC/DC power supply with 2 different DC output voltages.

Cosel DC/DC Converters

Cosel Triple Output Power Supply

Cosel's triple output power supply selection provides a range of solutions for applications that require 3 different DC output voltages.

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Cosel Modular Power Supplies

Need a custom or modified power supply with multiple outputs? Consider a Cosel Modular Power Supply solution.

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New Cosel Power Supplies
Cosel GHA500 500 Watt 3x6 Power Supply The GHA500F-SNF Series by Cosel is the highest power density 500W Power Solution! Only 3x6"!
GHA500F-12-SNF 12V@37.5A
GHA500F-15-SNF 15V@33.4A
GHA500F-24-SNF 24V@21A
GHA500F-30-SNF 30V@16.7A
GHA500F-48-SNF 48V@10.5A
GHA500F-56-SNF 56V@9A