Mean Well IDLC-45 Series

  • Dimmable constant current LED driver for LED lighting
  • AC input range: 90~295 Vac
  • Operating case temperature: -20~+85°C
  • Flicker free design
  • Class II
  • UL8750, SELV
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Short circuit protection
  • Blank type: 2 in 1 dimming (0~10Vdc and 10V PWM - dim to off) and no load power consumption <0.5W
  • A type: 2 in 1 dimming (0~10Vdc and 10V PWM - dim to off) and auxiliary DC output
  • Mean Well 3 years warranty
  • TRC Electronics is the USA stocking headquarters of Mean Well IDLC-45 LED drivers. Contact us for award winning service.
IDLC-45 LED Driver Series
Safety Logos
Model #
Constant Current Mode
Operating Voltage Range Constant Current Max Power
IDLC-45-350 57~95Vdc 350mA 33.25W
IDLC-45A-350 57~95Vdc 350mA 33.25W
IDLC-45-500 54~90Vdc 500mA 45W
IDLC-45A-500 54~90Vdc 500mA 45W
IDLC-45-700 38~64Vdc 700mA 44.8W
IDLC-45A-700 38~64Vdc 700mA 44.8W
IDLC-45-1050 26~43Vdc 1050mA 45.15W
IDLC-45A-1050 26~43Vdc 1050mA 45.15W
IDLC-45-1400 19~32Vdc 1400mA 44.8W
IDLC-45A-1400 19~32Vdc 1400mA 44.8W

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