MEAN WELL LED Power Supply & LED Driver Selection

As the authorized USA distributor stocking headquarters for MEAN WELL, TRC stocks the widest array of MEAN WELL LED power supply solutions to power the increasing demand of LED lighting applications. Our MEAN WELL LED power supplies and MEAN WELL LED drivers offer power source solutions for all of your LED-based applications...LED home lighting, LED street lamps, LED signage, LED decorative lighting, theatre/stage lighting, embedded lighting, traffic signals, large screen displays and countless LED-based luminaries. We have the MEAN WELL LED power solution to power your LEDs. Select from our MEAN WELL LED Constant Current Drivers, MEAN WELL LED Constant Voltage Power Supplies and our MEAN WELL Dimmable LED Drivers.

MEAN WELL Constant Voltage LED Power Supply

MEAN WELL CV LED Power SuppliesMEAN WELL CV LED Power Supplies

Does your LED cluster or LED string configuration already include a constant driver as part of the assembly? We have the ideally suited MEAN WELL Constant Voltage LED Power Supply to power your LEDs.



If your system does not have an internal constant driver, select from our MEAN WELL Constant Current LED Drivers. They are ideal to drive your LED cluster or string of LEDs.

MEAN WELL Dimmable LED Driver

Dimmable LED power supplies and LED drivers by MEAN WELLMEAN WELL Dimmable LED Drivers

Do you need to vary the light output of the LED? Offering a variety of MEAN WELL LED Dimmable Driver Solutions including Triac dimmer, 0-10v dimmer, PWM, or external resistor.

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