ROAL MCB Modular Series

  • ROAL medical modular power supply: final assembly performed at TRC Electronics
  • AC input range: 85~264VAC
  • Medical safety approvals: ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1
  • 2xMOPP (Means of Patient Protection) - primary to secondary
  • Operating temperature: -20~+70°C
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • High power density (25 W/in3)
  • High efficiency
  • Parallel operation
  • Accurate wired current share
  • Current output signal
  • Remote voltage/current programming
  • Operation up to 5,000 meters
  • ROAL 2 year warranty
  • Contact us for medical modular power supply custom configuration assistance: 1-888-612-9514.
Need a Custom or Modified Medical Power Supply Fast? TRC is your factory certified center for the final assembly of fully configured ROAL Modular Power Supplies. Our power supply experts are ready to help guide you through your modular power supply configuration. Medical Safety Logos
Input Module # Max Output Power # of Available Output Slots Mechanical Dimensions Data Sheet
MCB600 600W 4 3.06"x5.36"x1.61" Data Sheet MCB600 Data Sheet
Output Module Specifications
Output Module # Nominal Voltage Max Current Voltage Adjustment Max
A 5Vdc 25A 1.5~7.5Vdc 125W
B 12Vdc 12.5A 4.5~15Vdc 150W
C 24Vdc 6.25A 9~30Vdc 150W
D 48Vdc 3.125A 18~58Vdc 150W
W 2x12Vdc
(Dual Output)
5A 3.3~15Vdc 2x75W
0 Unused Slots

ROAL Modular Power Supply Instruction Manual

Data Sheet MCB600 Series Instruction Manual

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