Tumbler Power Cordsets

Tumbler Power is a global manufacturer of Power Cords and Cord Sets. TRC Electronics offers standard Tumbler power cords for our AC/DC power supplies. Shop for your Tumbler power cords and cordsets with ease and confidence. Contact our knowledgeable power supply experts for assistance selecting the proper power cord for your TRC Electronics power supply.

Part #
Type # of Conductors Plug Connector Length Rating Wire Size
451713CT286 North American 2 EL-451 EL-713C (IEC 60320/C7) 6′ 10A/125V 18 AWG
3271V86 North American 3 EL-302 EL-701 (IEC 60320/C13) 6′ 10A/125V 18 AWG
32V86S North American 3 EL-302 Pig Tails (color coded) 6′ 10A/125V 18 AWG
31711J28 North American 3 EL-301 EL-711 (IEC 60320/C19) 8′ 20A/125V 12 AWG
3271J68 North American 3 EL-302 EL-701 (IEC 60320/C13) 8′ 13A/125V 16 AWG
32712V86 North American 3 EL-302 EL-712 (IEC 60320/C5) 6′ 10A/125V 18 AWG
2773H3H76 Continental Europe 2 EL-207 EL-703 (IEC 60320/C7) 6′ 2.5A/250V 0.75mm sq.
2171H576 Continental Europe 3 EL-211 EL-701 (IEC 60320/C13) 6′ 6A/250V 0.75mm sq.
21071H518.2 United Kingdom 3 EL-210 EL-703 (IEC 60320/C7) 8.2′ 10A/250V 1.00mm sq.

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