Item #: CBS2002428

DC/DC Converter
Half Brick
Manufacturer: Cosel 


Input Voltage18~36vdc
Output Voltage28.0 Volts
Output Current7.200 Amps
Output Power201.00 Watts
1 to 24 $129.39
Above 24 $127.62
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  • Cosel CBS2002428 global standard half brick size single output DC/DC converter
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40~+100°C
  • Series operation: multiple CBS units can be used in series
  • High efficiency, high power density
  • Built-in over current / over voltage / thermal protections
  • Built-in remote ON/OFF and remote sensing
  • Pin for pin industry "half brick" compatibility
  • Cosel 5 year warranty
  • TRC Electronics is the USA distribution headquarters of Cosel CBS series DC/DC converters. Contact us for award winning service.
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Cosel CBS2002428

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