DC/DC Converter Selection

TRC Electronics offers a vast selection of reliable DC/DC Converters from  the industry's leading DC/DC Converter manufacturers. Browse our offering of isolated DC/DC converters in eighth, quarter, half and full brick packages as well as isolated open frame and enclosed type. Shop our single and multiple output dc-dc converters with ease and confidence.

Enclosed DC/DC Power Supply

DC to DC power convertersEnclosed & Open Frame DC/DC

Enclosed-type selection ranges from 15 to 1,000 Watts. A customer favorite feature: easy to connect screw terminal type for input and output connections.


DIP DC to DC converterDIP Package DC/DC Converters

The highest quality selection of DIP package DC/DC Converters ranging 1 to 30 Watts.

DC-DC Brick

DC to DC converter bricksDC/DC Converter Bricks

Shop our premium selection of DC/DC Bricks offered in the industry standard eighth, quarter, half and full brick sizes.

2x1 DC/DC Converter

2x1 DC/DC Converters2"x1" DC/DC Converters

Industry standard footprint 2"x1" DC/DC Converter selection ranging in power from 10 to 50 Watts.

1x1 DC/DC Converter

DC to DC on board converters1"x1" DC/DC Converters

Industry standard footprint 1"x1" DC/DC Converter selection ranging in power from 10 to 25 Watts.

SMD DC/DC Converter

SMD DC/DC convertersSMD Package DC/DC Converters

Surface-mount device DC/DC Converter selection ranging in power from 1 to 30 Watts.

SIP DC/DC Converter

SIP DC/DC ConvertersSIP Package DC/DC Converters

Industry standard footprint SIP DC/DC Converter selection ranging in power from 1 to 3 Watts.

Medical DC/DC Converters

Medical DC to DC converters and external power suppliesMedical DC/DC Converters

Medical DC/DC Converters comply with cUL/UL/IEC/EN60601-1 medical safety standards.

What is a DC/DC Converter?

A DC/DC Converter is a circuit which converts a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. In many applications, there is a need to convert one DC Voltage to another DC Voltage, either increasing or decreasing it.

Enclosed & Open Frame DC/DC Converters-Isolated

Our isolated Enclosed & Open Frame DC/DC Power Supplies have either screw terminal, Molex, or JST Connections. The enclosed or open frame type DC/DC converters are ideal when it is inconvenient to mount onto a printed circuit board in the application. TRC's enclosed/open frame dc converter solutions range from 15 Watts to 1,000 Watts.

On Board & PC Board Mount DC/DC Converters-Isolated

Our isolated On-Board DC/DC Converters are designed to be soldered or mounted directly onto a PC Board. As a result, they can be mounted close to the circuit that needs the output of the converter. The benefit is low energy loss. They are offered in open frame, encapsulated, or the industry standard: full, half, quarter, and eight bricks. TRC's On Board DC/DC converter solutions range from 1 Watt to 750 Watts.

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