LED Driver and LED Power Supply Selection

TRC offers the strongest USA stocked selection of LED power supply solutions to power LED lighting applications. Over 100,000 LED driver units in stock. Our LED power supplies and LED drivers are commonly used in numerous LED lighting applications such as, LED horticultural lighting, LED home lighting, LED street lamps, LED signage, LED decorative lighting, LED theatre/stage lighting, LED embedded lighting and LED large screen displays.

Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies

CV LED power supplyCV LED Power Supplies

Does your LED cluster or string configuration already include a constant driver as part of the assembly? We have the ideally suited Constant Voltage LED Power Supply to power your LEDs.

LED Driver and LED lighting

CC LED driversCC LED Drivers

If your system does not have an internal constant driver, select from our Constant Current LED Drivers. They are ideal to drive your LED cluster or LED string power needs.

Dimmable LED Driver

Dimmable led driversDimmable LED Drivers

Do you need to vary the light output of the LEDs? Offering a variety of LED Dimming Solutions including Triac dimmer, 0-10v dimmer, PWM, or external resistor.

5+ Year Warranty LED Driver

LED power supply - PSU Warranty Information5+ Year Warranty LED PSU

Presenting the highest quality LED power supply solutions with an extended 5~7 year warranty. When superior performance is critical to the LED-based lighting application, select from our 5~7 Year Warranty LED Power Supplies.

Class 2 LED Power Supply

class 2 LEDUL Class 2 LED Power Supply

Our UL Class 2 LED Power Supply solutions meet the US power supply safety stanards used to regulate low power sources. TRC stocks the largest offering of Class 2 LED power supplies.

LED Power Supply for Signage

LED sign power supply - lightingSignage LED Power Supplies

LED power supplies ideally suited for LED signage applications. These power supplies' qualities include high efficiency and conformal coated circuit boards for protection from dust and moisture.

Programmable LED Driver

programmable LED driversProgrammable LED Drivers

An innovative selection of programmable LED drivers. This flexibility permits us to custom program your constant current level, type of dimming, fade and more.

The Largest USA Stock of LED Power Supplies and LED Drivers

Each lighting application has a unique set of factors that command the needs of the LED power supply. Our tremendous LED power supply selection is certain to offer the solution. Whether it be protection against dust and moisture, safety regulation requirements, or a constant voltage vs a constant current driver solution. You will find IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67, UL1310 Class 2, UL1012, UL879-SAM List, UL8750, in both constant voltage or constant current models. Explore our tremendous online selection or give us a call and we will help select the best LED Driver that meets all of your specifications!

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