Power Supply Products and Accessories

AC Power Cords

AC Power Cords

AC cords for power supplies. A variety of country cords to choose from: North America, Europe and UK.

EMI Noise Filters

emi filterEMI Noise Filters

Shop our extensive selection of EMI filters as well as DC noise filters. High attenuation of common mode noise.

Power Supply Enclosure

power supply enclosurePower Supply Enclosures

NEMA 1 steel power supply enclosures deigned for contractor installation.

Redundancy Module

Redundancy Module

Connect a 24 Volt DC power supply with a 24 Volt DC battery. 1 + 1 redundant.

Surge Protection Device

emi filterSurge Protection

Offering a surge protection device for LED drivers.

24 Volt UPS Module

power supply enclosureUPS Module

Connect a 24 Volt Power supply with a 24 Volt Battery.

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