Let's Find Your AC/DC Power Supply Fast!

TRC Electronics offers a vast AC/DC Power Supply selection from  the industry's leading power supply manufacturers. TRC stocks Single Output Power Supplies and Multiple Output Power Supplies. Browse our selection of switching dc power supplies. Finding a reliable power supply fast from TRC will save time, resources and money. Shop with ease and confidence.

Single Output AC/DC Power Supply Selection:

LED Driver

LED power suppliesLED Power Supplies

Simply the greatest selection of LED power supplies. Selection includes: constant voltage, constant current and dimmable LED drivers.

Enclosed AC/DC Power Supply

ITE Power suppliesEnclosed ITE Power Supplies

TRC's best selling category of single output switching power supplies. Our Enclosed-type selection ranges from 10 Watts to 18,000 Watts.

External Power Supply

external power suppliesExternal Power Supplies

Need a power supply external to your system? We offer the strongest selection of UL Listed desk top and wall plug-in power supplies.

DIN Rail Power Supply

DIN Rail Power Supplies

Attach a power supply to a DIN Rail in your system. The most tremendous offering of DIN Rail power supplies.

Medical Power Supplies

medical power suppliesMedical Power Supplies

Medical Power Supplies for your Healthcare applications. Meet the requirements of UL60601 & EN60601 for your medical applications.

Open Frame Power Supply

open frame power suppliesOpen Frame Power Supplies

Our single output open frame power supplies range from 5 Watts to 500 Watts. Ultra compact footprints include: 2"x4", 3"x5" and 4"x6".

Power Supply with Battery Charging Output

277 volt input power suppliesPower Supplies with UPS Function

AC/DC power supplies for applications requiring an additional battery charging output for UPS function.

3 Phase Input Power Supply

3 phase input power supplies3 Phase Input

Do you need to power your system off of 3 phase input voltage? Select a 3 Phase Input Power Supply.

PCB Mount Power Supply

on board power suppliesOn Board Power Supplies

Select a PCB Mount power supply to mount on a circuit board in your system.

Hot Swappable Power Supply

Hot swappable power suppliesHot Swappable

Select a 1U 19" rack power solution today. Our Hot Swappable solutions fulfil the demand of high wattage power supplies for rack system applications.

Battery Charger

Battery ChargersBattery Chargers

Offering both stationary and portable battery chargers. Find a battery charger for your lead-acid batteries.

single ac/dc output power supplies

single voltage outputSingle Output By Voltage

Does your application require a single output voltage AC/DC power supply? Shop our selection by output voltage.

Bench Programmable DC Power Supply

Bench Top Programmable Power SuppliesProgrammable Power Supplies

Bench programmable power supplies for R&D testing, manufacturing & repair, burn-in testing and more.

Multiple Output AC/DC Power Supply Selection:

Dual Output Power Supply

Dual output power supply companiesDual Output Power Supplies

Need an AC/DC power supply with two different output voltages? Find your dual output power supply from stock today.

Triple Output Power Supply

triple outputTriple Output Power Supplies

Our triple output power supply selection provides a wide range of solutions for your applications that require 3 different output voltages.

Quadruple Output Power Supply

with 4 different voltage outputsQuad Output Power Supplies

Find a AC/DC power supply with four different output voltages from our quadruple output power supply selection today.

modular units

modular power suppliesModular Power Supplies

Need a custom or modified ac/dc power supply? We offer an easy alternative with our modular power supply solutions.

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