Efore Cielo Series

  • Dual dimming LED driver
  • Dims with TRIAC and ELV dimmers (at 120Vac)
  • Dims with industry standard 0-10V dimmers (108-305Vac)
  • AC input: 108~305Vac
  • Top case temperature range: -30~+90°C (refer to top case measurement point)
  • U8750 approved
  • Class II isolation
  • <20% THD
  • PFC >0.9
  • High efficiency up to 84%
  • ROAL Digital Light by Efore
  • Efore 5 year warranty
ROAL Cielo Series LED Drivers
Roal Dual Dimmable LED drivers
Model #
Constant Current Output Voltage
Minimum Maximum
RCL010-0250A 250mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL015-0300A 300mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL015-0350A 350mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL015-0350B 350mA 21Vdc 32Vdc
RCL015-0440A 440mA 24Vdc 34Vdc
RCL015-0440B 440mA 19Vdc 25Vdc
RCL020-0350A 350mA 40Vdc 56Vdc
RCL020-0450A 450mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL020-0500A 500mA 21Vdc 32Vdc
RCL020-0600A 600mA 20Vdc 27Vdc
RCL020-0700A 700mA 14Vdc 24Vdc
RCL030-0500A 500mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL030-0550A 550mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL030-0620A 620mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL030-0700A 700mA 21Vdc 32Vdc
RCL030-0700B 700mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL030-0700C 700mA 27Vdc 39Vdc
RCL030-0900A 900mA 20Vdc 27Vdc
RCL030-0900B 900mA 21Vdc 32Vdc
RCL030-1100A 1100mA 20Vdc 27Vdc
RCL040-0700B 700mA 40Vdc 56Vdc
RCL040-0800A 800mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL040-0850A 850mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL040-0900A 900mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL040-0940A 940mA 32Vdc 43Vdc
RCL050-1050A 1050mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL050-1200A 1200mA 24Vdc 42Vdc
RCL050-1400A 1400mA 21Vdc 32Vdc
RCL050-1400B 1400mA 24Vdc 34Vdc

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