• ROAL dimmable LED power supply: dimmable with 0~10Vdc dimmer or variable resistor
  • UL8750 recognized Class 2, SELV, UL60950-1, Class II
  • AC input: 120 / 240 / 277VAC
  • Operating temperature: -30~+90°C case temperature
  • Constant current output to directly drive LEDs
  • High efficiency ~90%, PFC
  • IP64, compact plastic enclosure for integrating into most light fixtures and standard electrical junction boxes
  • Mounting clips featuring installer selectable mounting locations
  • Temperature protection input for LEDs (thermistor, thermostat or circuit)
  • Approved for damp locations
  • ROAL 5 year warranty
ROAL RSLD035 STRATO Series LED Drivers
Safety Logos
Model #
Constant Current Output Power Max Output Voltage Range
V out Minimum V out Maximum
RSLD035-8B 350mA 9.8W 21Vdc 28Vdc
RSLD035-12A 350mA 14.7W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-16A 350mA 19.1W 41Vdc 54.5Vdc
RSLD035-7B 440mA 10.3W 17.5Vdc 23.5Vdc
RSLD035-10A 440mA 15W 26Vdc 34Vdc
RSLD035-12B 450mA 18.9W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-12J 500mA 21W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-21 500mA 36.75W 52.5Vdc 73.5Vdc
RSLD035-12F 550mA 23.1W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-12C 600mA 25.2W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-7C 700mA 16.5W 17.5Vdc 23.5Vdc
RSLD035-9A 700mA 22.1W 22.5Vdc 31.5Vdc
RSLD035-10 700mA 24.5W 25Vdc 35Vdc
RSLD035-11 700mA 27W 27.5Vdc 38.5Vdc
RSLD035-12 700mA 29.4W 30Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-13 700mA 31.9W 32.5Vdc 45.5Vdc
RSLD035-14 700mA 34.3W 35Vdc 49Vdc
RSLD035-15 700mA 36.8W 37.5Vdc 52.5Vdc
RSLD035-16 700mA 39.2W 40Vdc 56Vdc
RSLD035-7A 720mA 17.6W 17.5Vdc 24.5Vdc
RSLD035-12E 800mA 33.6W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-12G 850mA 35.7W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-13A 850mA 38.7W 34Vdc 45.5Vdc
RSLD035-8A 900mA 24.3W 20Vdc 27Vdc
RSLD035-12H 900mA 37.8W 31.5Vdc 42Vdc
RSLD035-09 1000mA 31.5W 22.5Vdc 31.5Vdc
RSLD035-11A 1050mA 39.9W 28.5Vdc 38Vdc
RSLD035-08 1150mA 32.2W 20Vdc 28Vdc
RSLD035-9B 1200mA 38.4W 24Vdc 32Vdc
RSLD035-6A 1240mA 25W 14.5Vdc 20.1Vdc
RSLD035-4A 1300mA 18.2W 10Vdc 14Vdc
RSLD035-06 1400mA 29.4W 15Vdc 21Vdc
RSLD035-07 1400mA 34.3W 17.5Vdc 24.5Vdc
RSLD035-03 1750mA 18.4W 7.5Vdc 10.5Vdc
RSLD035-04 1750mA 24.5W 10Vdc 14Vdc
RSLD035-05 1750mA 30.6W 12.5Vdc 17.5Vdc

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