TRACO Power TSP Series

  • DIN rail power supply with rugged metal case
  • AC input range: 85~132/187~264VAC auto select, 85~264VAC for TSP 070 & TSP 090
  • Operating temperature range: -25~+70°C
  • Standard Protections: over voltage / overload / over temperature
  • Remote On/Off
  • DC OK signal
  • UL60950-1, UL508
  • Input voltage sag immunity: SEMI F47
  • Detachable screw terminals for easy connection
  • Traco Power 3 years warranty
  • TRC Electronics is the USA stocking headquarters of Traco Power TSP Series DIN Rail Power Supplies. Contact us for award winning service.
TRACO Power TSP DIN Rail Power Supplies family
Safety Logos
TRACO Power Model # Output Voltage Max Current Max Power
TSP 070-112 12Vdc 6.0A 72W
TSP 090-124 24Vdc 3.75A 90W
TSP 090-124N 24Vdc 3.75A 90W
TSP 090-148 48Vdc 2.0A 96W
TSP 140-112 12Vdc 12.0A 144W
TSP 180-124 24Vdc 7.5A 180W
TSP 180-148 48Vdc 4.0A 192W
TSP 360-124 24Vdc 15.0A 360W
TSP 360-148 48Vdc 7.5A 360W
TSP 600-124 24Vdc 25.0A 600W
TSP 600-148 48Vdc 12.5A 600W

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