12 Volt On-Board Power Supplies

TRC Electronics stocks an extensive selection of 12 Vdc on-board AC/DC power supplies. These PCB mounted solutions eliminate the need for 12 volt output cables in your system and provide convenient 12V power on the circuit board. Leading manufacturing partners of 12V PCB mounted power supplies include Cosel, MEAN WELL and TRACO Power. 12Vdc PCB power supply models are available to meet UL 60950 for ITE applications and IEC 60601-1 3rd ed. for medical applications. Many medical grade models are 2xMOPP rated and are suitable for BF, body float applications. Mechanical configurations include open frame and encapsulated packages with either through-hole or SMD mounting options.

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Picture of ECE05US12

XP Power ECE05US12


Price: $18.54
Picture of TMG 07112

TRACO Power TMG 07112


Price: $30.80
Picture of TMLM 05112

TRACO Power TMLM 05112


Price: $36.10
Picture of TMLM 10112

TRACO Power TMLM 10112


Price: $39.10
Picture of TMP 07112

TRACO Power TMP 07112


Price: $27.40
Picture of TMPM 10112

TRACO Power TMPM 10112


Price: $33.00
Picture of TMPS 05-112

TRACO Power TMPS 05-112


Price: $18.20
Picture of VCE05US12

XP Power VCE05US12


Price: $12.00
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