12 Volt Open Frame Power Supplies

Our 12 volt open frame power supplies provide a smaller size footprint compared to their 12Vdc chassis power supply equivalents. Industry standard footprints such as 3x5” and 2x3” are offered. The superiorly designed 12 Volt open frame power supplies by manufacturers such as Cosel, Power Partners and TRACO Power are housed in low profile, very compact packages with the highest power densities. These high-end 12V open frame power supplies also provide system designers with flexibility by including auxiliary outputs, remote ON/OFF and remote sense functions. All of our 12V open frame power supplies have appropriate safety certifications for industrial or healthcare applications. These safety approvals include UL60950-1, UL62368-1 and IEC 60601-1 3rd edition.

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Picture of MFM-05-12



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