• Global standard half brick size single output DC/DC converter
    • DC input ranges: nominal 24Vdc & 48Vdc
    • Wide operating temperature range: -40~+100°C
    • Series operation: multiple CBS units can be used in series
    • Pin for pin industry "half brick" compatibility
    • High efficiency, high power density
    • Built-in remote On/Off and remote sensing
    • Protections: over current / over voltage / thermal
    • Cosel 5 year warranty

Cosel Global standard half brick size single output DC/DC converters

Cosel Model # Input Voltage Output Voltage Max. Current
CBS50481R8 36~76Vdc 1.8Vdc 11.7A
CBS50241R8 18~36Vdc 1.8Vdc 11.7A
CBS50482R5 36~76Vdc 2.5Vdc 11.7A
CBS50242R5 18~36Vdc 2.5Vdc 11.7A
CBS504803 36~76Vdc 3.3Vdc 11.7A
CBS502403 18~36Vdc 3.3Vdc 11.7A
CBS504805 36~76Vdc 5Vdc 10A
CBS502405 18~36Vdc 5Vdc 10A
CBS504812 36~76Vdc 12Vdc 4.2A
CBS502412 18~36Vdc 12Vdc 4.2A
CBS504815 36~76Vdc 15Vdc 3.4A
CBS502415 18~36Vdc 15Vdc 3.4A
CBS504824 36~76Vdc 24Vdc 2.1A
CBS502424 18~36Vdc 24Vdc 2.1A
CBS504828 36~76Vdc 28Vdc 1.8A
CBS502428 18~36Vdc 28Vdc 1.8A