Enedo / Efore RMLD-P-AD

    • ROAL programmable LED driver
    • AC input range: 90~305Vac
    • Operating case temperature: -30~+85°C
    • UL8750 recognized for Class 2 output, Class II
    • Plastic case: 1.58" x 1.02" x 6.48"
    • Dimming: 0~10V or 1~10V
    • I/O connections: flying leads
    • High power factor > 0.90, total harmonic distortion (THD) < 20% @ 50~100% load at 120/240Vac and 60~100% load at 277Vac
    • Program the following features:
      Adjust output constant current between Iout Set and Iout Max in 10mA increments
      Read the driver settings
      Select for DALI or PWM enabled
      Actively dim the output
    • Protections: over voltage / over current / over temperature / short circuit
    • Temperature protection input for LED
    • TRC Electronics is an EFORE LED Driver Programming facility. Contact TRC for custom programming of EFORE programmable LED drivers. Programming tool is also available for purchase.
    • EFORE 5 year warranty

Safety Logos

ROAL Model # Output Voltage Range Iout Set Iout Max Max Power
RMLD-500A-P-AD 28~56Vdc 250mA 500mA 25W
RMLD-500B-P-AD 12~24Vdc 250mA 500mA 12W
RMLD-700A-P-AD 18~36Vdc 350mA 700mA 25.2W
RMLD-1000A-P-AD 12~24Vdc 500mA 1000mA 24W