Excelsys COOLX1800M

    • Excelsys 1800W PFC medical modular power supply
    • AC input range: 85~264Vac (47~440Hz)
    • Operating temperature: -40~+70°C (with derating)
    • Safety approvals: UL/EN/IEC 60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 3rd Edition for 2xMOPP
    • EMC emission to IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition
    • Populated with up to 6 CoolMods, providing up to 12 isolated outputs ranging from 1.0-58.0Vdc
    • PMBus digital and analog communications
    • Variable fan speed control
    • Parallel operation or N+1 redundancy
    • Remote sense signals
    • Surge protection: 2kV line, line / 4kV line, ground
    • 23.5W always ON auxiliary output
    • AC connection screw terminal (optional IEC inlet)
    • Operation up to 5,000 meters
    • Protections: over voltage / over current / short circuit / over temperature / reverse energy
    • Excelsys 5 year warranty
    • Field configurable, plug and play power or final assembly performed at TRC Electronics. Contact us for modular power supply custom configuration assistance: 1-888-612-9514.

Safety Logos - Excelsys Coolx Medical Modular power supplies

Input Module # Max Output
# of Available
Output Slots
Aux. Output
CX18M-000000-N-A 1800W 6 12V
CX18M-000000-N-B 1800W 6 5V


O/P Module Model # Nominal Voltage Max Current Voltage Adjustment # of Slots
CMA 5Vdc 30A 2.5~6Vdc 1 Slot
CMB 12Vdc 23.3A 6~15Vdc 1 Slot
CMC 24Vdc 12.5A 15~28Vdc 1 Slot
CMD 48Vdc 6.25A 28~58Vdc 1 Slot
CME 24Vdc 37.5A 24~25.2Vdc 3 Slots
CMF 48Vdc 18.75A 48~50.4Vdc 3 Slots
CMG 24/24Vdc 4/4A 3~30/3~30Vdc 1 Slot
CMH 5/24Vdc 10/4A 3~6/3~30Vdc 1 Slot
CMK 200Vdc 1A 175~205Vdc 1 Slot
CMA-W01 5Vdc 30A 1~6Vdc 1 Slot
CMB-W01 12Vdc 23.3A 1~15Vdc 1 Slot
CMC-W01 24Vdc 12.5A 2~28Vdc 1 Slot
CMD-W01 48Vdc 6.25A 3~58Vdc 1 Slot


Data Sheets

Coolx1800 Data Sheet

Coolx1800 Designer Manual

Coolx1800 PMBus Manual

Coolx1800 Instruction Manual