• Multiple output power supply with chassis and cover
    • AC input range: 85~264Vac
    • Operating temperature: 0~+70°C
    • EN 60950-1 ITE certification and EN 60601-1 medical certification
    • 2xMOPP - Means of Patient Protection (primary to secondary)
    • <1W no load input power
    • Small compact size, high power density
    • Dual, triple & quad outputs
    • Made in USA - multiple output power supplies are manufactured in the US
    • Available open frame or with optional chassis
    • Protections: over voltage / over power
    • Integrated Power Designs 3 year warranty

Safety Logos

Integrated Power Designs Model # O/P #1 O/P #2 O/P #3 O/P #4
GRN-80-4001-CHCO 3.3Vdc/8A 5Vdc/5A 12Vdc/1.5A -12Vdc/1.5A
GRN-80-4002-CHCO 5Vdc/8A -5Vdc/5A 12Vdc/1.5A -12Vdc/1.5A
GRN-80-4003-CHCO 5Vdc/8A 24Vdc/1A 12Vdc/1.5A -12Vdc/1.5A
GRN-80-4004-CHCO 5Vdc/8A 24Vdc/1A 15Vdc/1.5A -15Vdc/1.5A
GRN-80-3001-CHCO 5Vdc/8A   12Vdc/2A -12Vdc/2A
GRN-80-3002-CHCO 5Vdc/8A   15Vdc/2A -15Vdc/2A
GRN-80-2001-CHCO 5Vdc/8A 24Vdc/2A    
GRN-80-2002-CHCO 5Vdc/8A 12Vdc/4A    
GRN-80-2003-CHCO 12Vdc/4A -12Vdc/4A    
GRN-80-2004-CHCO 15Vdc/3A -15Vdc/3A