• Single and multiple output chassis power supply
    • AC input range: 85~264Vac
    • Operating temperature: 0~+50°C
    • One to four outputs
    • Available in open frame and chassis/cover
    • Protections: over voltage / over power
    • Integrated Power Designs 2 year warranty

Safety Logos

IPD Model # O/P #1 O/P #2 O/P #3 O/P #4
SRW-45-4001-CH 5Vdc -5Vdc 12Vdc -12Vdc
SRW-45-4002-CH 5Vdc -5Vdc 15Vdc -15Vdc
SRW-45-4003-CH 5Vdc 24Vdc 12Vdc -12Vdc
SRW-45-4004-CH 5Vdc 24Vdc 15Vdc -15Vdc
SRW-45-4005-CH 5Vdc 24Vdc -12Vdc -5Vdc
SRW-45-4006-CH 5Vdc 15Vdc 15Vdc -15Vdc
SRW-45-4007-CH 8Vdc 8Vdc 18Vdc 18Vdc
SRW-45-4008-CH 3.3Vdc 3.3Vdc 5Vdc 12Vdc
SRW-45-4009-CH 5Vdc 27Vdc 15Vdc -15Vdc
SRW-45-4010-CH 5Vdc 32Vdc 15Vdc -15Vdc
SRW-45-3001-CH 5Vdc 12Vdc   -12Vdc
SRW-45-3002-CH 5Vdc 15Vdc   -15Vdc
SRW-45-3003-CH 5Vdc 24Vdc   -12Vdc
SRW-45-3004-CH 5Vdc 9Vdc   -12Vdc
SRW-45-3005-CH 5Vdc 18Vdc   -18Vdc
SRW-45-3006-CH 5Vdc 15Vdc -15Vdc  
SRW-45-2001-CH 5Vdc 12Vdc    
SRW-45-2002-CH 5Vdc -5Vdc    
SRW-45-2003-CH 5Vdc 24Vdc    
SRW-45-2004-CH 12Vdc -12Vdc    
SRW-45-2005-CH 15Vdc -15Vdc    
SRW-45-2007-CH 18Vdc -18Vdc    
SRW-45-2008-CH 5Vdc 13Vdc    
SRW-45-1001-CH 5Vdc      
SRW-45-1002-CH 12Vdc      
SRW-45-1003-CH 15Vdc      
SRW-45-1004-CH 24Vdc      
SRW-45-1006-CH 13.8Vdc