• Constant power dimmable LED driver
    • Wide AC input range: 180~528Vac
    • Working case temperature: -40~+85°C
    • Safety approval: UL8750
    • Type HL for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous (Classified) location
    • High output voltage range
    • IP67, durable metal enclosure
    • Built-in PFC
    • High efficiency
    • Output current level adjustable through internal potentiometer; 3 in 1 dimming function (dim to off)
    • Surge protection: 8KV (line-earth) / 4KV (line-line)
    • Protections: short circuit / over voltage / over temperature
    • MEAN WELL 5 year warranty

Safety Logos

MEAN WELL Model # Output Voltage
Full Power
Current Range
Max Power
HVGC-650-L-AB 92.8~232Vdc 2.8~3.5A 649.6W
HVGC-650-M-AB 62~155Vdc 4.2~5.25A 651W
HVGC-650-H-AB 46.4~116Vdc 5.6~7A 649.6W
HVGC-650-U-AB 24~58Vdc 11.2~14A 649.6W


MEAN WELL HVGC-650 Features & Benefits

MEAN WELL’S HVGC-650 series of constant power LED drivers offer a more versatile output than the traditional constant voltage and constant current LED power supplies. MEAN WELL constant power LED power supplies offer greater operational flexibility by keeping the power constant when operating in their peak load range. This allows designers to drive the LEDs at higher current than traditional LED drivers of the same power capability. The result of this capability makes designs more efficient while also minimizing the number of models needed for various projects since a single constant power LED driver covers the output range of multiple traditional constant current driver models.


The HVGC-650 models feature an extremely wide output voltage range that allows for a much larger operating region while constantly producing 650 watts of power. The HVGC-650 series also has an ultra-wide AC input range from 180~528Vac. The wide AC input range allows these LED drivers to function in 277Vac, 347Vac and 480Vac power grids. The four models HVGC-650-L-AB, HVGC-650-M-AB, HVGC-650-H-AB and HVGC-650-U-AB have a current range from 2.8A-14A. The durable metal case of the HVGC-650 series gives it an IP67 rating along with a UL 8750 Type “HL” lighting safety approval for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. The MEAN WELL HVGC-650 series utilizes an internal potentiometer for an adjustable output voltage as well as a 3 in 1 dimming function (0~10Vdc, 10V PWM signal and resistance) for optimal design flexibility. The HVGC-650- series is extremely efficient with each model operating at 95% or above.


MEAN WELL HVGC-650 Applications:

  • Horticulture lighting
  • Harbor and marina lighting
  • Oil rig, utility, refinery lighting
  • LED stadium lighting
  • LED high-bay lighting
  • LED signage
  • Parking lot lighting