• Constant voltage PWM style dimmable LED power supply
    • AC input range: 90~295Vac
    • Operating temperature: -20~+90°C
    • Safety approval: UL8750 & SELV
    • Class II double insulated plastic case
    • Built-in PFC
    • 2 in 1 dimming (0~10Vdc and 10V PWM - dim to off)
    • Auxiliary DC output: 12V @ 50mA
    • Protections: short circuit / over current
    • MEAN WELL 3 year warranty

Safety Logos

MEAN WELL Model # Output Voltage Max Current Max Power
IDLV-25A-12 12Vdc 1.8A 21.6W
IDLV-25A-24 24Vdc 1.05A 25.2W
IDLV-25A-36 36Vdc 0.7A 25.2W
IDLV-25A-48 48Vdc 0.52A 24.96W
IDLV-25A-60 60Vdc 0.42A 25.2W