MEAN WELL HVG-480 [A Type]

    • IP65 constant voltage and constant current LED power supply
    • Wide range AC input: 180~528Vac
    • Operating case temperature: -40~+85°C
    • UL8750 safety approved
    • Output voltage and constant current level can be adjusted through internal potentiometers
    • Built-in active PFC, THD <20%
    • Type HL for use in Class I, Divison 2 hazardous (Classified) location
    • High Efficiency
    • Metal housing with Class I design
    • Protections: short circuit / over temperature / over current / over voltage
    • Commonly used in LED street lighting, horticulture, high bay, stadium, and parking lot LED applications
    • MEAN WELL 5 year warranty

Safety Logos

MEAN WELL Model # Constant Voltage Mode Constant Current Mode
HVG-480-24A 24Vdc/20A 12~24Vdc/10~20A
HVG-480-30A 30Vdc/16A 15~30Vdc/8~16A
HVG-480-36A 36Vdc/13.3A 18~36Vdc/6.6~13.3A
HVG-480-42A 42Vdc/11.4A 21~42Vdc/5.7~11.4A
HVG-480-48A 48Vdc/10A 24~48Vdc/5~10A
HVG-480-54A 54Vdc/8.9A 27~54Vdc/4.4~8.9A