HLG-240H [C Type]

    • Constant voltage and constant current LED power supply
    • Full range AC input: 90~305Vac
    • Operating case temperature: -40~+90°C
    • UL60950-1, UL1012 approval
    • UL8750 type HL LED power supply
    • Built-in active PFC
    • Durable aluminum enclosure with screw terminal connections for input & output
    • High efficiency
    • Output voltage and constant current level can be adjusted through internal potentiometers
    • Protections: short circuit / over current / over voltage / over temperature
    • MEAN WELL 7 year warranty

Safety Logos

MEAN WELL Model # Constant Voltage Mode Constant Current Mode
HLG-240H-12C 12Vdc/16A 6~12Vdc/16A
HLG-240H-15C 15Vdc/15A 7.5~15Vdc/15A
HLG-240H-20C 20Vdc/12A 10~20Vdc/12A
HLG-240H-24C 24Vdc/10A 12~24Vdc/10A
HLG-240H-30C 30Vdc/8A 15~30Vdc/8A
HLG-240H-36C 36Vdc/6.7A 18~36Vdc/6.7A
HLG-240H-42C 42Vdc/5.72A 21~42Vdc/5.72A
HLG-240H-48C 48Vdc/5A 24~48Vdc/5A
HLG-240H-54C 54Vdc/4.45A 27~54Vdc/4.45A