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Newest LED Driving Technology Explained

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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DOYLESTOWN, PA -- October 31, 2018

Newest LED Driving Technology Explained by TRC Electronics, Inc.

Constant Power LED Drivers Offer a Bright Spot for Modern LED Light Fixture Designs

by Michael Petagna and Christopher Rubeo

LED drivers have come a long way since the proliferation of LED lighting began more than 10 years ago. The industry has seen the introduction of programmable LED drivers which permit fixture designers to adjust the LED driver output to match the needs of the specific LED circuit. Since the programmable LED drivers can be adjusted for several lighting fixture designs, a benefit of these LED drivers is minimizing the number of models needed. This benefit does come at a cost. These programmable LED drivers employ microprocessors with additional support circuits to manage the fine details of making the LED driver as flexible as possible. At lower volumes, programmable LED drivers provide their greatest benefit. A small premium can offset the high costs of expediting custom LED drivers. This is particularly important when the key to winning unique lighting projects is availability of parts.

Introducing Constant Power LED Drivers

Initially, the term “constant power” to most lighting fixture designers may not seem exciting. However, imagine taking the benefits of programmable drivers while also being able to maximize the power for multiple fixtures. Even further, add adjustability to the driver’s output current. This yields a solution that...

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