• Ultra compact DIP-16 package DC/DC converter
    • Ultra wide 4:1 input voltage range
    • Operating temperature: -40~+88°C
    • Safety approvals: IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 & IEC/EN/UL 60950-1
    • Built-in EN 55032 class A filter
    • 6-side shielded metal case with insulated baseplate
    • No minimum load required
    • I/O isolation 1500Vdc
    • Protections: short circuit / over load
    • TRACO Power 3 year warranty

Safety Logos

TRACO Power Model # Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Max. Current
TEL 10-2410WI 9~36Vdc 3.3Vdc 2.7A
TEL 10-2411WI 9~36Vdc 5.1Vdc 2A
TEL 10-2412WI 9~36Vdc 12Vdc 0.833A
TEL 10-2413WI 9~36Vdc 15Vdc 0.666A
TEL 10-2415WI 9~36Vdc 24Vdc 0.416A
TEL 10-2422WI 9~36Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.416A
TEL 10-2423WI 9~36Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.333A
TEL 10-4810WI 18~75Vdc 3.3Vdc 2.7A
TEL 10-4811WI 18~75Vdc 5.1Vdc 2A
TEL 10-4812WI 18~75Vdc 12Vdc 0.833A
TEL 10-4813WI 18~75Vdc 15Vdc 0.666A
TEL 10-4815WI 18~75Vdc 24Vdc 0.416A
TEL 10-4822WI 18~75Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.416A
TEL 10-4823WI 18~75Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.333A


TRACO Power TEL 10WI Features & Benefits

The TEL 10WI series of ultra-compact DIP-16 package DC/DC converters from TRACO Power is rated for 10 watts. It is one of the highest power density DC/DC converters available on the market with 3.83 W/cm3. This TEL 10WI series of TRACO Power DC/DC converters features an ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range and extremely wide operating temperature range of -40~+88°C. The models within the TEL 10WI series are offered in single or dual DC outputs.


TRACO Power's TEL 10WI series is constructed with a 6 side shielded metal case and an insulated base plate. The TEL 10WI series is equipped with the latest EN 55032 Class A filter for professional audio, video, audio-visual and entertainment lighting control products. The TEL 10WI series is approved for both IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 and IEC/EN/UL 62368-1.



  • Instrumentation
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Industrial control electronics
  • IT equipment