TRACO Power TSR 1.5E

    • Non-isolated DC/DC converter (POL)
    • Wide input voltage ranges
    • Operating temperature range: -40~+85°C
    • High performance 1 Amp and 1.5 Amp switching regulator
    • High efficiency
    • Low output ripple and noise
    • Ideal drop-in replacement to LM78 linear regulators
    • Short circuit protection
    • TRACO Power 3 year warranty
TRACO Power Model # Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Max. Current
TSR 1.5-2433E 7~36Vdc 3.3Vdc 1.5A
TSR 1.5-2450E 7~36Vdc 5Vdc 1.5A
TSR 1.5-24120E 15~36Vdc 12Vdc 1A