• Compact SIP-8 package DC/DC converter
    • Wide 2:1 input voltage range
    • Operating temperature: -40~+85°C
    • I/O isolation 1500Vdc
    • Remote On/Off control
    • Short circuit protection
    • TRACO Power 3 year warranty
    • TRC Electronics is the USA stocking headquarters of TRACO TMR 3E series. Contact us for award winning service.

Safety Logos

TRACO Power Model # Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Max. Current
TMR 3-0510E 4.5~9Vdc 3.3Vdc 0.7A
TMR 3-0511E 4.5~9Vdc 5Vdc 0.6A
TMR 3-0512E 4.5~9Vdc 12Vdc 0.25A
TMR 3-0513E 4.5~9Vdc 15Vdc 0.2A
TMR 3-0521E 4.5~9Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.3A
TMR 3-0522E 4.5~9Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.125A
TMR 3-0523E 4.5~9Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.1A
TMR 3-1210E 9~18Vdc 3.3Vdc 0.7A
TMR 3-1211E 9~18Vdc 5Vdc 0.6A
TMR 3-1212E 9~18Vdc 12Vdc 0.25A
TMR 3-1213E 9~18Vdc 15Vdc 0.2A
TMR 3-1221E 9~18Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.3A
TMR 3-1222E 9~18Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.125A
TMR 3-1223E 9~18Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.1A
TMR 3-2410E 18~36Vdc 3.3Vdc 0.7A
TMR 3-2411E 18~36Vdc 5Vdc 0.6A
TMR 3-2412E 18~36Vdc 12Vdc 0.25A
TMR 3-2413E 18~36Vdc 15Vdc 0.2A
TMR 3-2421E 18~36Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.3A
TMR 3-2422E 18~36Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.125A
TMR 3-2423E 18~36Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.1A
TMR 3-4810E 36~75Vdc 3.3Vdc 0.7A
TMR 3-4811E 36~75Vdc 5Vdc 0.6A
TMR 3-4812E 36~75Vdc 12Vdc 0.25A
TMR 3-4813E 36~75Vdc 15Vdc 0.2A
TMR 3-4821E 36~75Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.3A
TMR 3-4822E 36~75Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.125A
TMR 3-4823E 36~75Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.1A