• Miniature SIP-7 package DC/DC converter
    • Operating temperature: -40~+85°C
    • I/O isolation 1000Vdc
    • Industry standard pinout
    • Short circuit protection
    • TRACO Power 3 year warranty
    • TRC Electronics is the USA stocking headquarters of TRACO TMA series. Contact us for award winning service.
TRACO Power Model # Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Max. Current
TMA 0505S 4.5~5.5Vdc 5Vdc 0.2A
TMA 0512S 4.5~5.5Vdc 12Vdc 0.08A
TMA 0515S 4.5~5.5Vdc 15Vdc 0.065A
TMA 0505D 4.5~5.5Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.1A
TMA 0512D 4.5~5.5Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.04A
TMA 0515D 4.5~5.5Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.035A
TMA 1205S 10.8~13.2Vdc 5Vdc 0.2A
TMA 1212S 10.8~13.2Vdc 12Vdc 0.08A
TMA 1215S 10.8~13.2Vdc 15Vdc 0.065A
TMA 1205D 10.8~13.2Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.1A
TMA 1212D 10.8~13.2Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.04A
TMA 1215D 10.8~13.2Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.035A
TMA 1505S 13.5~16.5Vdc 5Vdc 0.2A
TMA 1512S 13.5~16.5Vdc 12Vdc 0.08A
TMA 1515S 13.5~16.5Vdc 15Vdc 0.065A
TMA 1505D 13.5~16.5Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.1A
TMA 1512D 13.5~16.5Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.04A
TMA 1515D 13.5~16.5Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.035A
TMA 2405S 21.6~26.4Vdc 5Vdc 0.2A
TMA 2412S 21.6~26.4Vdc 12Vdc 0.08A
TMA 2415S 21.6~26.4Vdc 15Vdc 0.065A
TMA 2405D 21.6~26.4Vdc ±5Vdc ±0.1A
TMA 2412D 21.6~26.4Vdc ±12Vdc ±0.04A
TMA 2415D 21.6~26.4Vdc ±15Vdc ±0.035A