• Wall plug-in medical AC/DC adaptor
    • AC input range: 80~264Vac
    • Working temperature: -25~+70°C
    • Medical safety approval: ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1/60601-1-11
    • 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) -primary to secondary
    • Suitable for BF applications with appropriate system consideration
    • Low leakage current: <100μA
    • Energy efficiency level VI requirements
    • No load power consumption <0.1W
    • Class II (without earth pin)
    • Interchangeable AC plugs (plug kit sold separately)
    • DC output connector: 2.1 x 5.5mm, center positive
    • Optional lock type DC plug is available
    • Protections: short circuit / over load / over voltage
    • MEAN WELL 3 year warranty

Safety Logos

Mean Well Model # Output Voltage Max Current Max Power
GEM40I05-P1J 5Vdc 5A 25W
GEM40I09-P1J 9Vdc 4A 36W
GEM40I12-P1J 12Vdc 3.33A 40W
GEM40I15-P1J 15Vdc 2.66A 40W
GEM40I18-P1J 18Vdc 2.22A 40W
GEM40I24-P1J 24Vdc 1.66A 40W
GEM40I48-P1J 48Vdc 0.83A 40W