15 Volt Encapsulated Power Supplies

TRC Electronics stocks a wide selection of 15 Vdc encapsulated AC/DC power supplies. These 15 volt power supplies are potted and packaged in an encapsulated case that provides an additional level of physical protection to the power supply’s components. Additionally, the case advances the protection in environments with exposure to dust or vibration. These 15V encapsulated power supplies are available in PCB mount or chassis mount. The PCB mount eliminates the need for 15 volt output cables in your system and provides convenient 15V power on the circuit board. The chassis mount is suitable when mounting directly to a dedicated circuit board is not practical. The leading manufacturing partners of 15 Vdc encapsulated power supplies are MEAN WELL and TRACO Power. 15 volt encapsulated power supply models are available to meet UL 60950 for ITE applications and IEC 60601-1 3rd ed. for medical applications. Many medical grade models are 2xMOPP rated and are suitable for BF, body float applications. The 1W and 2W encapsulated MEAN WELL solutions offered operate off of 277Vac input voltage to power the expanding lighting, smart building and sensing applications in North America.