15 Volt External Power Supplies

TRC stocks a complete offering of 15 volt external desktop power supplies and 15 volt wall plug-in power adapters from leading power supply manufacturers. TRC’s lineup of 15Vdc external power supplies are UL listed and ideal for use in a variety of test and measurement products, portable devices and portable medical equipment applications. Our 15 volt external power adaptors meet the no-load power and efficiency requirements of DOE Efficiency Level VI. Many of the 15V external power supply solutions stocked at TRC maintain global safety approvals which allow customers to penetrate the global market. External 15V power supply form factors presented are desktop (2 or 3 pole IEC320 inlets) and wall plug-in (fixed or interchangeable AC plugs). Our leading manufacturing partners of 15Volt DC external power supplies include MEAN WELL and Protek Power.

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Picture of VER18US150-JA

XP Power VER18US150-JA


Price: $14.75
Picture of VER36US150-JA

XP Power VER36US150-JA


Price: $19.25
Picture of VES180PS15

XP Power VES180PS15


Price: $74.00
Picture of VES220PS15

XP Power VES220PS15


Price: $79.95
Picture of VET18US150C2-JA

XP Power VET18US150C2-JA


Price: $12.00
Picture of VET24US150C2-JA

XP Power VET24US150C2-JA


Price: $13.00
Picture of VET30US150C2-JA

XP Power VET30US150C2-JA


Price: $15.50
Picture of VET36US150C2-JA

XP Power VET36US150C2-JA


Price: $16.00
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