• Compact constant current DC/DC converter (Pin Style)
    • Wide input voltage range
    • Wide output LED string voltage range
    • Operating temperature: -40~+85°C
    • Fully encapsulated with IP65 level
    • Built-in EMI filter complies with EN55015 without additional input filter and capacitors
    • DALI dimming function input under voltage lockout
    • Built-in PWM and remote On/Off
    • Protections: short circuit
    • MEAN WELL 3 year warranty

Safety Logos

MEAN WELL Model # Operating Voltage Range Constant Current
LDD-350H-DA 3~45Vdc 350mA
LDD-700H-DA 3~45Vdc 700mA
LDD-1050H-DA 3~45Vdc 1050mA
LDD-1400H-DA 3~36Vdc 1400mA