• Rack mountable front end rectifier hot swappable power supply
    • AC input range: 90~264Vac (low line de-rating)
    • Operating temperature range: -30~+70°C
    • Industrial safety certification: TUV EN 62368-1, UL 62368-1
    • Current sharing operate in parallel up to 4 units: 12,800W in one 19 inch rack shelf
    • Up to 25,600W by connecting two 19 inch rack shelves, DHP-1UT-A
    • Programmable output voltage and output current
    • Built-in PFC
    • High efficiency
    • 1U low profile design
    • DC OK signal, temperature alarm
    • Remote On/Off, remote sense & auxiliary outputs 5V/0.3A, 12V/0.8A
    • Built-in OR-ing FET & hot swappable support
    • Built-in I2C interface, support PMBus protocol (optional CANBus protocol)
    • Protections: short circuit / over load / over voltage / over temperature
    • MEAN WELL 5 year warranty

Safety Logos

MEAN WELL Model # Output Voltage Max Current Max Power
DRP-3200-24 24Vdc 133A 3192W
DRP-3200-48 48Vdc 67A 3216W


MEAN WELL DRP-3200 Features & Benefits

MEAN WELL’s DRP-3200 series of rack mountable front end rectifier power supplies feature a very high power density of 37W/inch3 in a 1U low profile package. Each DRP-3200-24 and DRP-3200-48 is rated for 3200 watts and operates with a universal AC input range from 90~264Vac with low-line derating. The DRP-3200 series is equipped with a built-in DC cooling fan with fan speed control that will operate up to 70°C ambient temperature.


With an active current sharing capability of up to 4 units in parallel, the DRP-3200 series can reach up to 25,600 watts of power by utilizing two 19 inch rack shelves (DHP-1UT-A sold separately). For hot swappable support, the MEAN WELL DRP-3200-24 and DRP-3200-48 have a built-in OR-ing FET function. The OR-ing function facilitates the use of the DRP-3200 series in an N+1 redundant configuration. To support PMBus protocol, the DRP-3200 series has a built-in I2C interface. An optional CANBus is also available by request. The DRP-3200 series also features a built-in power factor correction function and programmable output voltage and constant current level. Dual auxiliary outputs are available for use on the DRP-3200 series as well as remote On/Off and remote sense functions.


The MEAN WELL DRP-3200 series is in compliance with the latest hazard based standard, UL 62368-1 safety approval. The UL 62368-1 is the agency safety approval for audio/video and information/communication technology equipment in which the DRP-3200 series will be implemented. This new standard is scheduled to globally replace UL 60950-1, the safety standard that has governed the power supply industry for many years, by the end of 2019.


Common applications for the DRP-3200-24 models include industrial automation where a 24Vdc system bus is produced. This bus also facilitates the use of DC/DC converters downstream. The DRP-3200-48 can be used for wireless and telecommunication systems, front end power solutions for distributed power architectures. These systems allow for redundant configurations for maximum up-time and system reliability. The DRP-3200 series is ideal for sensitive applications in the communications, banking, data center and other mission critical applications.



  • Industrial automation
  • Distributed power architecture system
  • Wireless/telecommunication solution
  • Redundant power system
  • Electric vehicle charging system
  • Constant current source system
  • Front end power supply solution