Modular Power Supplies

Need a custom or modified AC/DC power supply? Our modular power supplies are standardized solutions to custom power requirements. TRC Electronics offers the finest selection of configurable power supplies from MEAN WELL, Enedo and XP Power. Furthermore, as a factory certified configuration center, TRC can assemble and ship Enedo and MEAN WELL configurable power supplies in one business day.

  • Short lead times. Prototype modular power supplies can be shipped next day.
  • No minimum order quantity. No set-up or design charge.
  • Flexibility: Designs can be easily changed.
  • "Time to market" reduced dramatically.
  • Eliminate the lead time and cost for safety approvals.
  • Uncommon output voltages are available: Any output voltage from 1.5Vdc to 58Vdc can be obtained.
  • Obtain a single unit power supply with more than 16 outputs.
  • Low Risk. A custom or modified power supply has a higher probability of technical problems since only customer is using that unique part. However, our Modular Power Supplies are proven designs successfuly used by thousands of customers, who are using the modular power supplies over a wide range of applications.
  • Standard features include many convenient control and monitoring functions.

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