Protek Power PM100

    • Compact open frame medical AC/DC power supply
    • AC input: 90~132 / 180~264Vac
    • Working temperature: -10~+70°C
    • Medical UL ES60601-1 and ITE UL60950-1 approved
    • 100W output with convection cooling up to +50°C
    • Compact size: 2" x 4" x 1.26"
    • High power density: 10 W/cubic inch
    • Protections: over voltage / over current / short circuit
    • Protek Power 3 year warranty

Safety Logos

Protek Power Model # Output Voltage Max Current Max Power
PM100-10A 5Vdc 20A 100W
PM100-12A 12Vdc 8.34A 100W
PM100-13A 15Vdc 6.7A 100W
PM100-13-1A 18Vdc 5.56A 100W
PM100-14A 24Vdc 4.2A 100W
PM100-15A 28Vdc 3.58A 100W
PM100-17A 36Vdc 2.78A 100W
PM100-18A 48Vdc 2.10A 100W