• Compact non-isolated SIP package DC/DC converter
    • Wide input range up to 42 Vdc
    • Operating temperature: -40~+85°C
    • (A) Angular pins
    • SIP-package fits existing TO-220 footprint
    • Pin compatible with LMxx linear regulators
    • Suitable for positive & negative output circuit
    • Built-in filter capacitors
    • No heat-sink required
    • Excellent line/load regulation
    • Low standby current
    • Protections: short circuit / over temperature
    • TRACO Power 3 year warranty
TRACO Power Model # Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Max. Current
TSRN 1-2415A 4.6~42Vdc 1.5Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-2418A 4.6~42Vdc 1.8Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-2425A 4.6~42Vdc 2.5Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-2433A 4.6~42Vdc 3.3Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-2450A 6.5~42Vdc 5Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-2465A 8~42Vdc 6.5Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-2490A 10.5~42Vdc 9Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-24120A 13.5~42Vdc 12Vdc 1A
TSRN 1-24150A 16.5~42Vdc 15Vdc 1A