• High performance power block DC/DC converter with excellent thermal convection
    • Ultra wide 4:1 input voltage range
    • Operating temperature: -40~+90°C
    • I/O isolation 2250Vdc
    • EN 50155 approval for demanding applications such as railway and transportation
    • Increased shock and vibration resistance
    • Input filter to meet EN 55022 class A
    • Input protection filter
    • High efficiency
    • Soft start
    • Remote sense
    • Remote On/Off
    • Adjustable output voltage via potentiometer
    • Under voltage lockout
    • Protection: over voltage / short circuit / over temperature
    • TRACO Power 3 years warranty

Safety Logos

TRACO Power Model # Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Max.Current
TEQ 160-4812WIR 19~75Vdc 12Vdc 13A
TEQ 160-4815WIR 19~75Vdc 24Vdc 6.5A
TEQ 160-4816WIR 19~75Vdc 28Vdc 5.5A
TEQ 160-4818WIR 19~75Vdc 48Vdc 3.2A
TEQ 160-7212WIR 43~160Vdc 12Vdc 15A
TEQ 160-7215WIR 43~160Vdc 24Vdc 7.5A
TEQ 160-7216WIR 43~160Vdc 28Vdc 6.5A
TEQ 160-7218WIR 43~160Vdc 48Vdc 3.8A