IPD DC2-110

    • DC/DC converter with medical approvals
    • DC input range: 18~36Vdc (24Vdc)
    • Operating temperature: 0~+70°C
    • EN 60950-1 ITE certification and EN 60601-1 medical certification
    • Small compact size, open frame dimensions: 3"x5"x1.32"
    • Available with optional chassis and cover
    • One to four outputs
    • Protections: over voltage / over power
    • Integrated Power Designs 2 year warranty

Safety Logos

Integrated Power Designs Model # O/P #1 O/P #2 O/P #3 O/P #4
DC2-110-4001 3.3Vdc/ 10A 5Vdc/ 6A 12Vdc/ 2A -12Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-4002 5Vdc/ 10A 3.3Vdc/ 6A 12Vdc/ 2A -12Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-4003 5Vdc/ 10A 3.3Vdc/ 6A 15Vdc/ 2A -15Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-4004 5Vdc/ 10A -5Vdc/ 6A 12Vdc/ 2A -12Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-4005 5Vdc/ 10A -5Vdc/ 6A 15Vdc/ 2A -15Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-4006 5Vdc/ 10A 24Vdc/ 2A 12Vdc/ 2A -12Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-4007 5Vdc/ 10A 24Vdc/ 2A 15Vdc/ 2A -15Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-3001 5Vdc/ 10A 12Vdc/ 3A   -12Vdc/ 3A
DC2-110-3002 5Vdc/ 10A 15Vdc/ 2A   -15Vdc/ 2A
DC2-110-2001 3.3Vdc/ 10A 5Vdc/ 6A    
DC2-110-2002 5Vdc/ 10A 12Vdc/ 5A    
DC2-110-2003 5Vdc/ 10A 24Vdc/ 3A    
DC2-110-2004 12Vdc/ 5A -12Vdc/ 4A    
DC2-110-2005 15Vdc/ 4A -15Vdc/ 3A    
DC2-110-1001 2.5Vdc/ 22A      
DC2-110-1002 3.3Vdc/ 22A      
DC2-110-1003 5Vdc/ 22A      
DC2-110-1004 12Vdc/ 9.2A      
DC2-110-1005 15Vdc/ 7.3A      
DC2-110-1006 24Vdc/ 4.6A      
DC2-110-1007 28Vdc/ 3.9A      
DC2-110-1008 48Vdc/ 2.3A